Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Go For Your Personal Dreams 1-28-18

Like a mystic, you may know things before they happen!

It’s another great day for being intuitive!

This may be new to you; take it in stride.

Opposing Energies: Self doubt, fear, exhaustion, competitive

We’re all more receptive and practical today, so refrain from arguing and/or dominating, as negativity blocks this terrific receptivity.

Instead, connect with others through your intuitive and/or creative nature, as this energy is available to all today!

Wide Awake Words for today: Caution, coincidence, lucky break

We’re full of great ideas.

In a sensory way, pay more attention to what your “gut” says first, before acting on your decisions.

Your “gut” feelings may be more right than your logical thinking today.

Good News for Relationships: Now is the time to go for your personal dreams and your hearts desires.

Spiritual Currents: Transformation



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