“Dreaming Magic”:”The Heart and Soul of Predictive Dreams™” 5-25-19

This morning I had an interesting dream that was the impetus for creating a new page on my site. (Funny how that happens)  In the new page are the excerpt from my book I’m writing, and a new story. This section will have the stories I’ve accumulated. The stories will appear as a drop-down menu on the “Tales of Transformation” page.


The gist of the dream: I was being guided thru a variety of different life aspects from inanimate objects to living creatures and people. They were pointing out the features of dimension, how multidimensional they all were, and displaying the layers upon layers they each contain.


Rather than leave it up to me to speculate, and ask questions, examples were pointed out to further define their multi-facetedness much like a gemstone.


They took me on a tour of all the wonders I’m about to experience: an increasing awareness of True Reality, and the inherent beauty of the living spirit in everyone, and everything.  Guiding me, and showing how wonderful my Alchemy world is soon to be.


 I can now see how the deep dimensions will affect, and soon I’ll have Alchemy ready.


Sorry!  Not ready yet!  It looks like a June launch won’t happen.  Believe me, Alchemy is a priority. It’s getting there.



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