Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” New Foundations 3-6-17

It’s a great day to accomplish things and create new foundations in relationships both business and personal.

Opposing Energies: Stress, anxiety, frustration, self pity, depression, watchful, wary

A stressful atmosphere may prevail with business difficulties promoting some emotional unhappiness, or lowered vitality.

New connections made at this time may not be all they seem, so delay committing yourself to situations in business for a bit.

It’s best not to make any radical changes due to this restless energy.

Let time pass, and things will align for the better, very soon.

This influence will pass in about six days.

Wide Awake Words for today: Contentment, compatible, satisfaction, determination, momentum

Make plans to restore health and life to your life now and get upright with your mental/emotional health.

Spend time in meditation and reflecting. Inspiration will provide solutions for current issues.

Make it a point to see friends or get a good bit of exercise.

Those that do work to help others emotionally in some way are featured in a positive light.

Sharing with others about who you are, and what you’re doing, is creating important contacts.

Good News for Relationships™: New love experiences are creating restlessness in your heart.

Unsettled emotions in love relationships may affect projects and new endeavors.

This romantic disharmony (in your mind) is competing with your desire for a stable relationship.

Most problems and illnesses now are overcome by love, and the abundant sentiments connected to being loving, and discarding the past.

Spiritual Currents: Letting go

Also, new romances that don’t go smoothly initially (regardless of current uncertainty) will somehow manage to hold their own.

The passage of time will tell; and again relaxation is necessary to not feel emotionally frustrated.

You’re placing value in emotionally/mentally stimulating and compatible people right now; for this is a powerful and stabilizing influence promoting protection in love.

Trips taken away from the constraints of family are useful to meet new and interesting people and to sedate your restlessness.

You can easily experience success and satisfaction connected with romance, or money in work.



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