Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Impulse Buying? 2-18-18

Notice how you feel attached to material things in this world; particularly the drive to have and own so much, including impulse buying, speculating, and gambling.

Reflect on getting a grip on thinking in a more grounded manner with regard to spending.

Opposing Energies: Greed, attachment, fear

Much of the spiritual influence affecting us today is testing us to be less afraid about money and abundance, and manifest a sense of spiritual prosperity for inner value.

Wide Awake Words for today: Letting go, prudence, kindness

You meet with new friends today and are charmingly influential to attract blessings in work, especially if it involves interactions with people.

Good News for Relationships: Your life is now revealing how to be loving and wise in your decisions. This is a highly charged and romantic day, filled with the fullness of love and kindness.

Spiritual Currents: Expansiveness



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