Back to School for Your Kids and You


Hi! The Sage Lady here, reporting in…

School has started up again. Watch out for kids crossing at the crosswalks, and darting out into the streets after the bus in the morning and afternoon.


Colds & Flu Viruses

Your kids are going to have plenty of exposures to viruses, and it’s important to notice the first signs, to fight infection quickly. There is nothing wrong with your kids, or us, for that matter, if we notice we are catching colds and flu-type bugs frequently. Again, it’s exposures to others, and the forgetfulness of not washing hands frequently.


“The Defender”

My natural herbal formula “The Defender” is quite effective with adults and children starting at 8 years old.  Because this formula, like all my formulas, is natural and organic, it isn’t taken the same way you take prescriptions, and over the counter chemical drugs.  “The Defender” is taken by “bolus” initially (2-3 capsules- ages 8 years and up), then 1 capsule hourly, till symptoms subside.  Then, take “The Defender” every few hours daily, until you have passed a full day of no symptoms.


Cost Savings

The typical co-pays to see a physician for insured folks is between $15-$35, and this doesn’t include prescriptions with co-pays.  Currently, “The Defender” is $31 for 90 capsules, and all 90 count formulas are on sale with 12% off right now (sale ends 12/31/18). Orders over $100 enjoy free shipping. Stock up, while supplies are conveniently available.


Health Benefits

If you’ve been struggling with using so many medicines that either don’t work, or have reactions, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with “The Defender”. There’s no second-guessing. All my formulas are organic, and made in the USA. You can read more about my formulas in my online catalog (See link below). There you find more details, including an introduction to taking herbal formulas.  “The Defender” is on page 3 in the Immune Section. The last page displays an image of the packages, and more details. Ordering is simple: call 757-541-8646, leave a message for a call back to answer any questions and take your order.   Repeat orders are simple: text your order! An invoice is sent to you via email. Orders are processed thru PayPal, which takes credit and debit, and your order is sent via USPS Priority Mail.


Link for PDF catalog


Family Health with The Natural Sage Herbals

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