Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Creative Energy Is Working 2-15-18

Today’s creative energy is working in your favor!

This is the end of a phase and beginning of a new one, which includes upheavals and personal transformations.

Those that write and publish benefit by focusing on the bigger picture with more financial gainers.

Rely on groups to further your goals.

Teachers are more money-minded than usual, considering furthering education for career advancements.

While there may be some uncertainty, and you may feel restless, you now have more motivation to move forward.

Opposing Energies: Pride, resistance, arrogance

Write your good ideas down, and note also that there are either two opportunities, or you’re juggling two responsibilities that are involved in your creative changes for success.

Wide Awake Words for today: Realistic, optimistic, encouraging

Whatever projects or goals you’ve been working on will now begin being productive.

Good News for RelationshipsThe love and energy vested in another hasn’t been wasted effort. The opportunities for developing your friendships or relationships are presenting themselves, free of the indecision that was so prevalent these last couple of weeks.

Spiritual Currents: Stability



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