Heads up!

First, our air quality. The air quality should improve  by next week. But, just be aware of the air quality, as the wildfires in the West are the source of the “haze” we’re experiencing.  And, that our air quality is adversely affected at times, till the wildfires are contained.

Next, those that use my formulas please take your Lung Guardian™ first thing in the morning, and later in the afternoon, especially if you spend any time outside.

Then, there’s the moon. We have a Buck Moon tomorrow. It may be clear enough to see it. Plus, it may appear red/orange due to the smoky haze from the Western wildfires.

Staying well. Covid-19 is on the increase, which is why this post. Take good care of your lungs, Don’t be outdoors for long periods.  The smoke can compromise your lungs/bronchials.   If you sense  inflammation in your lungs or bronchials, take your Naturprofen™ a few times a day. I don’t suggest the Lung Guardian™ at night. It may be immune stimulating, creating sleeplessness.

That’s my report.



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