“Dreaming Magic”:”The Heart and Soul of Predictive Dreams™” February 2019

Surrender. No matter what comes, getting on track is key.

Don’t kid yourself, there will be times when we can’t see ahead. That’ll be the surrender part…And trust the process. Boom! (Big deals.)

The best part of February is the fact that we’re faced with change, and know it comes from a deeply personal place. And we’re ready for change.

Reflect. Reflect. Reflect. No one is forced to change. You and I will choose. The obstacles can be others that mirror what we may have felt in the past; and we have progressed beyond those feelings. What was foreign to us then, now becomes the impetus for personal growth/change.

No worries. We are inspired to begin again, and again, until we reach the ultimate goal –that we never knew about.


There’s also some sacrifice. It’s mostly ego. But, by the end of February, we’ll all be glad we faced the month head-on, with an open mind and heart.


“Uniting Spiritual Growth with Conscious Living








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