Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Your Popularity 4-8-18

Your popularity in current social conditions is now improving.

The desire to make a mark in life is part of your passion.

In some cases a coolness and lack of emotion for the sake of ambition, is taking precedence over your personal relationships.

Opposing Energies: Thoughtless, selfish, self-obsession, disappointment

The likelihood of taking on more work, such as a second job for financial progress, is connected with today’s workaholic energy.

Use caution with this overwhelming energy, as stress is a factor, and relaxation is necessary.

Wide Awake Words for today: Emotional availability, integrity, responsibility

On the positive side, this is a great time to market yourself and your business, and begin to attract profit.

Spiritual Currents: Openness

Note however, your attention to others may be becoming unbalanced, and perhaps neglectful.

Your priorities benefit by having a new and caring perspective with all in your life, not just in business and social contacts.



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