Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Getting Things Done In Your Life 4-4-18

Rather than make new plans for anything; work on clearing your desk and getting things done in your life.

Planning in business today may be met with cancellations or rescheduling.

Rid yourself of all those mental lists.

Opposing Energies: Resistance, vulnerability, weakness, doubts, controlling

Yesterday I mentioned turning a corner in personal wellness.

Today, I suggest rest, diversions, and healthy food.

The stressors of the day, plus emotional factors and uneven business, are not so important that they cannot wait.

Wide Awake Words for today: Determination, commitment, supportive, will-power

Reflect on no longer sacrificing your health in order to accomplish tasks. Seek solutions to current problems, and restore your vitality.

Having vibrant health is your personal strength and power to accomplish anything in life.

Spiritual Currents: Personal power



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