“Dreaming Magic”:”The Heart and Soul of Predictive Dreams™” April 2019

Welcome to a new reality!  From January to date, we have been cleansing, sorting and eliminating.  All this activity has been a prelude loaded with the hopes that soon we’ll see positive changes.


Well, I did say last month that that it may be six weeks before we’d see progress.

Please don’t shoot the messenger, but there is still an uphill climb with regard to seeing the changes we all have worked so hard to achieve.


The first two weeks of April bring some confusion, and will require extra efforts to maintain your dignity. Short tempers and impatience may prevail; but being busy will keep you out of the fray.


Somewhere around April 17th the energy shifts in a positive way. The habits you began in January are rooted in your subconscious, and have reset some patterns in your life and work. I don’t know about you, but, it’s been tough.  Changing is one thing; accepting change thrust upon us, is the next hurdle.

Financial shifts, work burdens, relocations, and family separations will arrive on some folks planners. It may even be a sign of the times. (I’m taking a “Wait and see” attitude.)


Try not to think these next steps along the way are terrible. Life changes every day. Some of us will experience miracles during the last couple of weeks of April…Unexpected positive events.  It just isn’t everyone.


I wholeheartedly recommend using the personal growth we all earned these last 3 months, as a template to get on with life.  Change will be the new normal. If we’re attitudinal, we’ll lose ground. The arrival of Spring will get us all outside (even with the high pollen counts) and the warmth/sunlight provides encouragement, lifting our spirits.


The good of a changing landscape? We’re in a vibrational place we’ve never been before. We don’t know ourselves. Nope. This is brand new ground. Let’s adapt; look for what’s new and exciting, and grow along. Going different ways, taking different attitudes. I’ll talk more about this in May.


The biggest things will be: breaking away from undesirable lifestyles, habits, separating from negative aspects that may include work associates, friends, partners, and beliefs.


For the rest of the month after the 17th:

It’s time to organize your efforts to aggressively pursue your personal and business financial goals.

Be creative. Thinking way outside of the box affords more opportunity for a turnaround in the right direction!

Whatever you’ve been working toward since January feels more secure. (With your contacts and current communications moving an opportunity into new, positive directions.)

This is a jumping off place. Take your time. Impulsive behaviors generate regrets later.

(It’s not that change generates a negative response, it’s that this time you have the opportunity to think the changes through, before going headlong into them.)

In May, the opportunities ahead of you seem more positive and free of resistance and restlessness.

Patience, Grasshopper.


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