Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Efforts toward Progress 3-13-17

It may seem as though all efforts toward progress are requiring hard work.

However, there’s a lot of power beyond the hard work for a productive turn of events.

Opposing Energies: Stagnation, laziness, unreliable

While today has an undercurrent of wisdom and inspiration, the lack of using one’s talents and gifts can result in a negative trend of worry and indecision.

Convert the restless energy into action, and believe in yourself.

Wide Awake Words for today: Compromise, responsibility, breakthroughs

Success and money are the keys today, with transitions to completions, renewals, and new beginnings.

Focus on practical matters, both personal and business.

For Relationships™: The workaholic in you is busy working away at two, maybe three jobs. Granted, for all practical intents and purposes you’re accomplishing your goals. However, take time off, and give attention to the emotional part of you to maintain that secure internal compass you rely on, to navigate life’s unpredictable paths.  Change your romantic routine to add more life in your relationship.

Spiritual Currents: Gratitude



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