Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Vague Promises 2-4-18

You may be dealing with unreliable people and vague promises.

While people you encounter may be difficult, compromise can occur.

There’s also some insecurity regarding two decisions or choices: Today you’re creative enough to remove expectations in order to persevere.

Opposing Energies: Indecision, judgmental, impulsive, setbacks

Exercise caution today, as plans can be disrupted, and delays can occur.

Making progress may happen in a blink, creating a positive situation out of negative business or health conditions.

Good News for Relationships™: If there was emotional heartache in the past with relationships, now is the time to let go of using that as a template on new opportunities for a loving relationship.

Leave the past behind.

Wide Awake Words for today: Versatility, realistic, accomplishment

Be patient, and continue to reinvent your approach in all things, as this phase to some degree, will be in effect for a couple of weeks.

Spiritual Currents: Viewpoints, fair-minded



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