Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Mental Processing is Better 3-4-17

Your awareness and mental processing is better than usual.

Change is coming, and some parts of change will be out of your hands.

Be realistic when making your decisions.

Considerable efforts are needed with work, and will promote rewards; although not immediately.

Opposing Energies™: Setbacks, delays, brief obstacles, depression, worries

Wide Awake Wordsfor today: Compromise, stability, adjustments, practical, fate

With the flurry of activities around you in this next week, you may need diversions.

This is a day filled with movement; interestingly enough though,  it’s all very settling.

Spend time with a hobby or take on a small task at home to keep occupied.

Be available for family and trusted friends, for those bonds are the glue that hold you together when feeling challenged.

Good News for Relationships™: Today warmth and comfort in your relationships appeals far more than the confrontations that may present themselves. Make adjustments, and practice responsibility in your loving relationships.

Spiritual Currents: Inspiring



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