Today’s Report: “Living Wide Awake™” Your Personal Power 2-21-18

Rely on your personal power and strength of integrity to make good choices today.

While you’re stabilizing the foundation of your financial values, you may still have a hurried and impatient desire to spend money.

Opposing Energies: Impulsive, short-sighted, aggressive

This is an expansive energy, and the urge to take risks, gamble, spend or invest will feel very strong.

This feeling of wanting to spend and make grand purchases is fleeting, so hold on to your pocketbook.

The flip side of today’s energies is frustration; or the fact that you cannot act on your impulses as you wish.

Wide Awake Words for today: Tenacious, dependable, honorable

Regardless of the impulses to spend, you can be counted on for your dependability and your strength.

Spiritual Currents: Courage

This phase will be with us for a few more days, so…Relax.

Or learn to relax with yoga, meditation, walking, or something mindful that occupies your body as well.



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