There’s many reasons why we’re compelled to do things in this life. For some, it’s the result of an event that can create change. Others can one day be off doing something completely out of character for them according to their friends and family. However, some of us have a destiny. We don’t stop to understand our actions, we just get going.


Sometimes it’s just part of growing up. It could be growing up emotionally, spiritually, or metaphysically, and going for a test run, or many test runs. If it doesn’t work, no biggee. It’s your life, you do with it as you want.


Those of you who’ve changed your lives in contrast to the lifestyle and thinking of your past, to a new and different unknown, may just pursue this change for the sake of it.  Like a mountain-climber they seek new adventures, new vistas, stretching their imagination and psyche to the limits, only finding they are limitless.

That’s what I discovered.   Myself, I’m going for the gold. This isn’t a test. And I know it.

Connected with this page you’ll find my stories of transformation.

There are more. I haven’t made the time to write about them.  Until now.

I’ll be adding more stories, as time permits.

I hope you enjoy them.




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