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I had been working for an employer for 14 years. This employer created a mandate that all the sales force employees had to attend a Survival Course in San Antonio, TX known as “The Ropes Course”.

The Ropes Course presents its program to large corporations as “Team Building”. It had been featured on 20/20.


The flight to San Antonio was bumpy. We encountered thunderstorms and had to circle the airport until it was safe to land. Unfortunately, the plane was running out of gas. The pilot announced that we were now out of gas, and that he was going to “Find a Hole” in the storm and literally dive through it to land. It was quite an experience.


After landing, we picked up our gear. However, my bag was nowhere to be found. We waited for as long as possible, and left a message for my bag to be delivered to the hotel.

I sent out a message to the teams attending that I needed clothes to wear on the course, as I had only what I was wearing to travel. Unfortunately, the next morning what I received to wear from that message, was inadequate.


It was raining, and temps were in the low 40’s making it much colder feeling.

We went through the drills, assisting our team players when necessary.

Our team was close knit. The course had all teams broken up, to create the same team atmosphere with unknowns, in hazardous circumstances. It was cold and miserable, even for those wearing the appropriate gear.


We all did what was expected, few new bonds were created; and we all flew home the next day.


I spent most of the time on the return plane ride home thinking about the process. I realized the teams did the obliging tasks for preservation. However, making something like this a requirement for the job, was over the top. Our employer robbed us of choices. It should not have been mandated.


Returning to work was different. For me, the fun and joy in the job was gone.


About two times a month, I would visit a chiropractor for a tune-up, early on Saturday mornings.  I’d travel up a country road, which was typically free of any traffic.

It was the Saturday after San Antonio.

I was easily going 70 mph in a 50 mph zone, driving on auto-pilot.  We all know what that’s like.

No one, as usual was on the road.

Except, all of a sudden, a doe dashes out, rushing across my car’s path. She faced me, as my car struck her.

This was an unforgettable moment. I saw her eyes looking directly in mine.

My car spun around, pointing back toward home.

I was stunned. The doe was in the ditch. She wasn’t moving.


I had just passed a mom and pop grocer, about a quarter of a mile down the road. (This was a period of time when the best method of communication was a pager and a pay phone.)  I parked on the side of the road and walked to the store.

I was clearly shaken and upset. I couldn’t stop crying. The grocer called the state police.

When the state police arrived, he gathered the facts.

I wanted someone to save the doe. He said “No, honey. It’s more than likely a hunter has passed by in a pickup, and brought her home, for food.”

 Which in reality, was exactly what happened.


It felt so barbaric.

The trooper took me to my car, started it, and said it’s safe to drive, but get it to a repair shop, soon.


Still shaken, I finished my trip to the chiropractor. They did x-rays, and told me that I’ll have to take some time off to heal the whiplash.



I drove home deep in thought. Revisiting the “accident” over and over in my mind.

Crying. It is such a tragedy. I love wildlife. Killing a critter with being reckless (driving fast) on the highway, I felt terribly responsible.


The next day I called a friend.  She suggested I get a “reading” and meet a non-traditional therapist.

My friend wanted me to get the reading because I couldn’t shake the despondency I felt due to the recent events.  She knew that wasn’t like me at all …to be so sad and unfocused.

Looking back, I realize she truly responded to me with love.


My life changed from her suggestion; along with a new relationship with the therapist and a trance-channeler.

The following Saturday, I went to my reading.

Jim, a trance-channeler, was very serious. He took his time, and began. He spoke of my work. That I would be moving a great deal, packing and hanging curtains repeatedly, and writing on a keyboard. (I laughed. I couldn’t even type! PC’s weren’t common then). He also said, after some time, I will push back the sliding glass door and dive in to the pool.

Those are the parts I remember.


Jim counseled me about “The Doe”.

It was glaringly apparent I wanted to know why this had to happen.

Jim said: “The Doe made an agreement with the universe to take a part in your transformation.  She agreed to make the end of her life be the beginning of yours.”

I said: “But Jim, I still see her eyes looking at me!”

I left Jim’s office, confused, but a little comforted.

(To this day, I can still see her eyes. The Song Doe Eyes is a song I appreciate…The film “Bridges of Madison County” is resonant of loss, and very touching.)


Next was the therapist. His name is Corky.

Corky is a psychologist and uses Deltoid Muscle Testing often to validate truth with his clients. I was unfamiliar with the process, but went with it.  I saw Corky twice a week after that, for 4 weeks. I was out of work on sick leave, and could afford the time.


By that point, I had made up my mind to terminate my employment.

After the six week sick leave was over, I tendered my resignation, and began a long journey to wholeness.


A year and a half later, when experiencing Empty Nest Syndrome, I moved to Virginia to be closer to family.


There I met a Native American man, Don, “Bright Path” Kuhns. We got to know one another, and I expressed that I had wanted a medicine bag. “Nothing fancy”, I told him. “I don’t want to draw attention to the bag; more to the medicine.”

Don called me a few weeks later, and I returned to his shop.

The bag was ready.

He said he couldn’t make it by machine, so he hand stitched it. It was beautiful.

I asked him: “What kind of leather is this bag?”

Don replied: “Its Doe-Skin.”

Now. While I still cry when I tell this story, I feel comforted by keeping my Doe friend’s energy with me in my Medicine Bag.


The Sage Lady Doe Medicine Bag

Don provided the final healing to the forgiveness I needed to move onto my own “Bright Path”.


Don is gone now, but his part in my transformation along with the Doe, The Ropes Course, my good friend that sent me to Jim, the Trance-Channeler, and Corky, are truly not forgotten.



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