I want to share a story with you.

First, I am a naturally gifted healer, non-prejudiced by any body of work or thinking.

Next, my report.

I was minding my own business on my way to drop off my marvelous vacuum cleaner for its yearly tune-up.

I had no preconceived notions other than wondering if the store was still open after 5pm.

Someone had blocked the walkway and while I walked around the car, a young man offered to carry my vacuum.

He explained that he worked at the store and had just finished putting some large trash in the dumpster with his friend.

As we walked into the store he began to complain of pain in his sternum.

I offered that I was a healer and would he mind if I put my hands on him?

He didn’t object because he was so uncomfortable.

And for less than ten minutes, I performed a healing.

Funny, we didn’t hear a sound, nor did any customers come through the door.

I found several contributors to his problem, not just the heavy lifting.

When finished, I had to sit down on the floor for the dizziness I felt from his high blood pressure.

(Being empathic can have its drawbacks!)

I shared my findings while he got back to normal again.

Poor guy… This was his first experience with a healer.

The frankness and clarity of the details I shared with him struck him like lightening.

He was overwhelmed by being healed versus being in such pain moments before.

He shared that the pain was gone and he still feels warm from the process.

We talked briefly when two customers entered the store.

I took that as my opportunity to exit.

When the couple came in the store they said to him (as I was leaving): “How are you this evening?”

What he said, made my day…

“I’m so much better today because of her!”

Imagine. Neither of us had any expectations.

In my world as a healer not having expectations can produce the best results.

It’s like a small child. It grows by its experiences. If the child is taught fear and judgment, then that may be his experience.

There was no fear or judgment in those few moments… Just purity.

It was a crack in the earth for both of us.

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Note: Its a rare occasion for me to do “In person” healings.  All healings are “Distant Healings” by appointment.


Disclaimer:  I cannot make claims or even imply you will receive healing. No one person is the same, or even predictable with their level of healing. When healing does happen, it’s different for everyone; which is why I do not, under any circumstances, guarantee healing for anyone. Please do not expect results. Instead, allow your miracles to happen.


Distant healing is available for your convenience.  Please call with your details: your name, number and best times to reach you.  After our initial conversation, pay in advance for your appointment using the PayPal invoice I’ll email to you.  I’ll give you a call to verify your received payment and to confirm your appointment. (The maximum healing appointment is 90 minutes.)


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