For those of you that use The Defender formula, some of these uses are familiar; with a few new ways to benefit from this anti-bacterial and natural antibiotic.



Natural Antibiotic

Use The Defender for colds, flu, Strep, virus of many types, Lyme, MRSA, Bronchitis, and for ongoing secondary infections due to surgeries, or disease.



 Empty a capsule of The Defender into a coffee filter and pour boiling water over it to fill two cups.  This decoction may seem a bitter tea to drink, but the effect is beneficial. Gargle and drink for sore throats, Strep, upper respiratory infections. For yeast infections, herpes, and bladder infections soak a clean cloth in the decoction, and apply while the decoction is still warm.

Apply this decoction to infected cuts/wounds, athletes foot, bruises/black eyes, even tooth abscesses.




Secondary Infections

For HIV/AIDS, MRSA, Lyme and related infections, Super Defense taken daily will help fight infection. Also taking The Defender several times daily, will promote an alkaline constitution, a primary factor in continued wellness.


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