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I have 3 school aged boys and as you can imagine the germs that come home are amazing. One of the boys came home feeling very sick from school so I contacted you to get some Defender™. He started taking the Defender™ right away and after a short while started feeling much better. His fever was at 103 and by the next day the fever was totally
gone and he was up running around again. A few weeks later I started getting a cough and just feeling very tired. I immediately swallowed two Defender™ right away. After a couple of doses I re-gained my energy back and my cough started feeling much better. We keep an endless supply around the house for anytime any of us start feeling yucky. The boys have even started telling friends at school about this “magic” pill that we get from Catherine when we are feeling sick. I have also started recommending it to family and friends because with all that is going around right now it’s nice to know that there is something that really works!!    T.W. Littleton Colorado



I purchased the Flu Defender™ and The Defender™ in the midst of the flu season and I am so glad I did!  I have a 3 year old son who is in day care four days a week, so naturally I am exposed to the germs that circulate quickly among the children.  When my son came down with a virus, I quickly began taking The Defender™ to keep myself healthy.  It’s difficult enough to take care of a sick toddler, but when you are sick yourself it becomes exhausting!  Not to mention kids require constant attention and love when they are feeling bad, so my exposure level is very high.  I consistently took The Defender™ while I was nursing him back to health, and I was able to stay healthy and avoid catching his cold!  In the past I would get so frustrated that every time he caught something I was not far behind him.


Now that I have The Defender™ and the Flu Defender™ I can relax knowing that I have a natural, safe way of staying healthy throughout the year!    J.B. Parker, Colorado


 In my experience, if I feel that I have been in the presence of someone who is or has been sick with cold or flu, I immediately take The Natural Sage Herbals The Defender. I have found that taking The Defender prophylacticly can prevent or minimize symptoms. By adding Restore and Green Mélange herbals along with getting plenty of rest, eating an alkalizing diet, I remain healthy with a strong immune system.  –C.H. H. Chesapeake, VA


The Defender helped me avoid getting sick from being around others that were sick, and that is EXCELLENT!
-M. S. Virginia Beach, VA


I am blessed to have participated in The Natural Sage Herbals from the very beginning of their existence. Each and every herbal blend was carefully created to maximize the benefits of each herb, to promote optimal health, and ensure consumer safety. As each new herbal blend was developed, and again with each adjustment in the formula, I was closely monitored and was asked for feedback. Some of my absolute favorites are Restore, Green Mélange, ThyroidMax, D-Stress, Herbal Nerve and Serene Day formulas. For those who have a lot going on in life and occasionally need assistance with sleeping the Herbal Nerve and SlumberEase work well together at night, along with Adrenal Comfort, D-Stress and Serene Dayduring the day. Taking Restore and Green Mélange formula, along with minimizing stress, eating a more alkalizing diet and getting plenty of rest keeps me well during cold and flu season. The Natural Sage™ Herbals are an important part of my daily health care regimen.
-C. Chesapeake, VA



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