We’re quickly approaching November…and the cold/flu season is upon us.  Don’t forget I have 3 different size packages for your added convenience! And for those new to Super Defense™, it’s taken less often, and you can take The Defender™ in between to shorten bouts of colds and flu. (The Defender™ is the formula that you can take hourly until symptoms subside and then begin taking less, until the symptoms are gone.)


The latest:


I’ve been working on the Herbal Nerve™ (sedative/sleep) formula, to create a more lasting sleep. It currently helps one to “Drop off to sleep” and is also used as a light sedative/pain reliever.



I added recently another woman’s formula: Golden Feminine Plus™.   My report:  The formula adds a boost to Golden Feminine™. We all know I’m a “Lightweight” compared to most folks. However, I’ve managed to not experience menopause symptoms by taking first the Feminine Essence™ for several years, next the Golden Feminine™, with great success.  I added Golden Feminine Plus™ because I noted symptoms that I couldn’t attribute to anything…just rather vague symptoms.  BUT, I did note some hair loss.  I tried Biotin, and that’s too tough for my body.  But, what really helped, was adding the Golden Feminine Plus™! …I thought the Golden Feminine™ was enough, until I tried the Golden Feminine Plus™.  Now, I take 2 Golden Feminine™ and 1 Golden Feminine Plus™ daily; and my hair is falling out less each day.




 I’ve re-worked a new version of Slumberease™ to reduce the morning grogginess it promotes.


Those of you that care to participate in a trial of any of these formulas, I can add it to your next order at no cost.  I would, however, like your remarks.

(You can text, email, or direct message me on Facebook.)




After some trials, I’m satisfied with the results of the newer version of Herbal Nerve™. I’m retiring the old formula. There is enough of the old formula for two packages, then it’s gone.  You’ll be all-the-more satisfied with this newer version of Herbal Nerve™!


A holiday note about Slumber Ease™:


With all the festivities coming up, it’s easy to overdo the alcoholic beverages.


I learned from a client that when he took two Slumber Ease™ at bedtime the night of over-indulgences, it minimized the headache the next morning. 


When placing your orders this holiday season, be sure to add a 10 pack of Slumber Ease™ ($5) to have on hand for the “You Never Know” times….




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